The TFM story

Hugo Venter Chief Executive Officer
"We are a company that started as a side business because we believe the travel industry is behind when it comes to it's use of technology.  We have since become a full time operation working to "do away" with the separation between traveler and agent by ensuring the tools exist for a smoother booking and travel experience."

We’d love to share the TFM story with you, from humble beginnings to well established business friendships.

TFM was founded in 2016 by CEO Hugo Venter and his partner then Charl Cillie. In 2019 Hugo acquired full ownership for TFM.

In 2020 the whole world of traveling came to an abrupt halt because of the COVID19 virus.

At the start of 2021 TFM decided to hired it’s first employee with the hope of launching a new rebranded corporate identity as well as a complete turn key solution for the ever evolving traveling industry.

After 6 years we feel we are ready to incorporate a fresh new look into the company.

We believe that within the chaos, that the traveling industry as must other industries, experienced. After all this we can still embrace the traveling industry with new technology and hope.

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